«Jolie must have some regrets!» Brad Pitt and Ines de Ramon get spotted together and confirm the rumors

While Jolie is busy raising her kids, Pitt doesn’t waste time and finds a new girlfriend! 😏💌 This is the actor’s first proper relationship after the divorce! 🤫🧐 He brings their romance into a new level and gets ready to become a husband! 😮🤭 See their latest joint photos in this article! 👇

It was in 2019 that B. Pitt and A. Jolie divorced marking the end of the love story of one of the most iconic couples in Hollywood. Years have passed and they live separate lives still continuing co-parenting. For years, Brad has been considered to be the most desirable bachelor whose life and appearance have never ceased to cause public interest.


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Many of his remarkable roles including that of in «Mr. and Mrs. Smith» star have made him an A-list actor and a towering figure in cinema. What concerns the ex-lovers’ personal life, he has been dating a jeweler for already a year and recently started to show off their romance publicly.


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Previously, there were just rumors about his new romance, but now we all can witness him being happy in his current relationship. Recently, paparazzi have spotted him on a romantic date with Ines and one may say that all the rumors have been confirmed.

The new couple seemed happy together and caused a furor among Jolie’s fans. Some were quick to compare her to Angelina claiming that she can’t even stand next to her, while the others noted how carefree and happy they looked like together.

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