«Another Bennifer breakup?» Let’s shed light on Affleck’s and Lopez’s «complicated» relationship

Affleck gets spotted after leaving the home he shared with Lopez and confirms what we all were afraid of! 🤐😞The disaster surrounding their family has taken another turn!😱🤫 What is going on and are the divorce rumors true? 🤔🤨See the article to find out more! 👇

Sources claim that the couple is having family scandals and is on the verge of divorce. The disaster that is happening surrounding their family has taken another turn and the current situation leaves a lot to be desired. Their relationship has been the center of heated discussions for already a long time.

Everything started when the man left the $60 million Beverly Hillls house that he used to share with the celebrity. What is more, Lopez has been seen in public without him multiple times which seems to confirm what we all were afraid of.

Some claim that the «Batman» star will realize what he lost and try to bring everything back as he gets hits by loneliness. The spouses are currently reassuring their priorities, but take an attempt to keep everything private without providing further details.

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