«What has she done to her face?» Nicole Kidman’s appearance at Met Gala 2024 is making headlines

Even the loyal fans hardly recognized Kidman in these photos!🙄 The Hollywood actress shows up at the Met Gala 2024 and everyone is saying the same thing!🧐🤫 «What is wrong with her face?», «Unrecognizable» and similar comments hit the star! 🗨️See more in this article! 👇

There is hardly anyone who will question her identity. Meet Nicole Kidman, a talented, outstanding and one of the most desirable Hollywood actresses best-remembered for her roles in «Acquaman and the Lost Kingdom», «Stocker» and «Big Little Lies».

Whenever she makes public appearance, all eyes appear on no one but her. This time, it wasn’t an exception. Cruise’s ex-wife simply couldn’t miss the Met Gala and appeared in an interestingly designed black and white dress with a tight top and a voluminous skirt.

Elegant white gloves and tasteful jewelry became the perfect complement to her gorgeous image.  Her outing sparked reaction and didn’t go unnoticed. Some started to «accuse» her of another beauty procedure, while the others sincerely admired her timeless beauty.

By the way, the dress was from Balenciaga Couture and left a deep impression on everyone there.

«Not a dress, but a work of art!». «She ate and left no crumbs», «In one word – FLAWLESS!», «It took me a while to recognize her here», «What did she do to her face this time?», «Genetics or plastic surgeries?».

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