«The Twin Sitters 30 years later!» This is what happened to actors David and Peter Paul

Do you remember the muscular brothers from «Twin Sitters»?🤔 Already 3️⃣0️⃣ years have passed since its release and one of the actors is no more with us! 🙏💔See what their lives looked like years after the hit movie in this article! 👇

However surprising it might seem, it has already been 30 years since the release of the legendary movie. This leads us to think how fast time passes by and absolutely everything and everyone undero changes.

Millions of viewers were in delight with the leading characters and here is everything to know. One pursued an acting career, while the other ventured into writing and poetry. David and Peter Paul were born in 1957, in Hartford, USA.

They both were enrolled in bodybuilding and had strong muscles. Not only their great talent and charisma, but also non-standard look captivated large audiences. It was their portrayal in «Two Sitters» that brought them success and acclaim.

Unfortunately, David passed away in 2020 shortly after falling ill with a disclosed ailment and spending a year being paralysed. What concerns Peter, he is still actively engaged in TV projects.

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