The «Charmed» star hits her 51! This is what age and years have done to actress Alyssa Milano

Those who have watched «Charmed» remember this beauty on whom everyone had a crush! 🎬🤩The iconic character was played by actress Alyssa Milano!🤗 Years have passed and the actress is already 5️⃣1️⃣ whose recent photos can be seen in this article! 👇

Most of you might have watched «Charmed». Decades have passed since its release and the cast looks utterly unrecognizable. However surprising it may seem, the main beauty has already celebrated her 51st birthday.

These days, Milano has hit the social media with a new intimate picture with her spouse, David Bugliari. They were enjoying their time on an amazing trip to Cabo San Lucas. The outstanding actress was wearing a revealing bikini and beach hat.

The post garnered mixed reactions from network users. While some couldn’t help genuinely admiring her timeless beauty and unfading charm, the others paid much attention to how her face has changed speculating that she has turned to cosmetologists not once.


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«No beauty, only plastics!», «What has she done to her face?», «Who’s going to remind her of her age?», «Genetics or plastic surgeons?», «She ages like fine wine».

The comments the movie star received quickly overshadowed her enjoyable holiday with her husband. Though she denies having undergone any plastic procedure, a wave of criticism keeps hitting her like a sharp knife.

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