«The rumors were true!» Vincent Cassel first makes appearance with his girlfriend and everyone is saying the same thing

Find five differences between her and Tina Kunakey! 😉Vincent Cassel introduces his new girlfriend and she looks too familiar! 🧐🤨The one who stole the French actor’s heart is the carbon copy of his ex-wife! 🤭 Is she actually better than Bellucci and Kunakey? 🤔 See their joint photos in this article! 👇

The first public appearance of the French actor and his new partner is making headlines. Just imagine Bellucci’s and Kunakey’s fans’ surprise when Cassel officially introduced his new partner bringing her to the Red Carpet.  To say that all eyes were on no one but her is nothing to say.

While some paid much attention to their big age difference (30 years) claiming that they look more like a father with his daughter, the others couldn’t help sincerely admiring the young beauty who could easily steal the cinema star’s heart. No one will deny that the man has a good taste in women.

The dark-skinned beauty reminded the fans of someone, though. Many didn’t miss the chance to note her striking resemblance to Kunakey supposing that the cinema star hasn’t got over her yet.

«Not a woman, but a goddess!», «There is a 30 years difference between them. What a shame!», «Enough Internet for today!».

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