«Beautiful inside and outside» Photographer Anwar Hussain lets people have access to Lady Di’s stock photos

Those who still have doubts that Princess Diana was one of the kindest people on the planet, this article is for you! 🤗❤️‍🩹 Lady Di was also one of the most photographed people in history and it is not without a reason! 😏🤌 She was the muse of photographer Anwar Hassain and you can see some of her throwback photos in this article! 👇

The legacy of photographer Anwar Hussain and his heirs spanned over 4 decades. The legendary man passed on his work to his sons. They have already proven their great talent by organizing an exhibition of rare stock photos. The throwback pictures immediately captivated millions earning their pure admiration.

Anwar has not once admitted that among his most favorite photos are those of the late Princess. It is no more a secret that Spencer had special love for children and was fully devoted to her sons. She couldn’t pass by any child indifferently, especially those who were in need.

It was in 1996 that she went to Pakistan and held a terminally ill child in her arms. The late Princess could hardly contain her emotions. Unfortunately, the child passed away shortly after Lady Di’s visit. Despite her generosity and bigheartedness, she was unhappy in her personal life.

Her heart literally cracked when the Prince publicly announced having a love affair. After this, she wore her «revenge dress» and left everyone speechless.

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