«Lara Fabian: Behind the stage!» Here is everything to know about the iconic Belgian singer and songwriter

1️⃣0️⃣0️⃣% sure you have heard the song «Je T’aime» at least for once performed by legendary Lara Fabian! 🎤🎶 She is world-renowned for her soul-stirring melodies, yet only few know anything about her personal life and path to success! 🧐😮She started her career at the age of 5️⃣ and «Fabian» is actually her pseudonym! 😲🤫 Let’s find out more about the star in this article! 👇

Lara Fabian is world-renowned for her angelic voice, soul-stirring melodies and breathtaking performances. Her incredible talent, professionalism and great career heights can hardly be overestimated. Among her legendary songs are «Je T’aime», «Jr Suis Malade» and «Adagio».

None of her songs lets anyone remain indifferent shaping her as one of the towering and influential music stars of our time. However, her path to success wasn’t as smooth as it might seem. She spent her formative years in Sicili before moving to Belgium where she started to pursue her passion.

Lara graduated from the prestigious Brussels Music Academy. Later, she adopted a pseudonym Fabian and enjoyed her immense popularity. Turning to her personal life, she welcomed her son Lou with director J. Pullichino.

Sadly, they separated after seven years of being together. Later, she found love with illusionist G. D. Giorgio.

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