«Daddy’s little girl has grown up!» This is how Steven Seagal’s daughter Arissa looks and lives today

We bet you remember Steven Seagal from «Above the Law», «Gutshot Straight» and «Out of Reach»!🤩 The actor has been married 4️⃣ times having 7️⃣ children, can you believe? 🫢🤯 It was in 1️⃣9️⃣9️⃣3️⃣ that he welcomed his daughter Arissa whose recent photos you can see in this article ! 👇

For millions worldwide, Steven Seagal is a household name and is best-known for his portrayal in action-packed movies. For long, he has been gracing the silver screen being a master in martial arts as well. No one will deny his tremendous contribution to the entertainment industry.

Far not everyone knows that he has had crazy love life being married four times and welcomed seven children. The thing is that the action movie star’s masculinity and charisma captivated millions letting no woman remain indifferent. Today’s article is about one of her daughters.

Arissa was born to his third wife. She was only 1 when her parents divorced which left a deep mark on her childhood as well as further life. It is worth mentioning that the girl has found her own path and already achieved success as a plus-size model being lucky enough to collaborate with popular agencies, designers and gracing the cover of magazines.

What is more, she shares her father’s passion for martial arts and takes great interest in disciplines like jiu-jitsu and taekwondo. Besides all this, she is actively involved in animal welfare and charity.

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