«Bombshells age too!» This is what happened to American film and TV actress Meg Foster

Back then millions went crazy about her angelic sky-blue eyes and untouched beauty! 💘🤤 You might remember her from «Masters of the Universe» and «The Legend of Sleepy Hollow» which made her one of the silver-screen bombshells! 🎬👏 However, she couldn’t escape ageing and you had better sit down before you see her today in this article!  👇

It stands to reason that no people can escape ageing, including celebrities and show business stars. No matter how many beauty procedures we undergo, what we have in our staple diet and how actively we are engaged in sports, none of us can avoid ageing and there is no doubt in it.

However, not everyone ages the same way. Some change beyond recognition and lose their former charm, while the others gain even a better look and show that «ageing suits them». What concerns this TV and film actress, the way she has evolved through the years results in mixed reactions.

She made her debut with M.  Douglas in «Adam at 6am» which paved the way for her to star «Bonanza»,  «She Wrote» and many other films.  Believe it or not, the beauty who dazzled with her striking blue eyes and raw beauty is already 76.

Foster chose a natural way of ageing. Now, she appears with countless deep wrinkles, skin pigmentation and other age-related changes which, anyway, don’t make her look less amazing. She still shines with her signature eyes.

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