«Sally Field: Behind the screen!» Here is everything to know about the Oscar-winning American actress

Everyone said «You are not pretty enough for acting», so she grew up and became an iconic actress! 😏👌 She is well-known for her roles in «Places in the Heart» and «Norma Rae», the films which brought her two Oscars! 🎬💥 Let’s shed light on the unspoken parts of Field’s path to stardom and personal life in this article! 👇

There is hardly anyone who will question the identity of Sally Field.  Her debut role in acting was in «Gidget» where she brilliantly portrayed Sister Berrille. Her career has been fraught with ups and downs.  Her roles in «Norma Rae» and «Places in the Heart» brought her two Oscars.

Sally is also remarkable for her appearance in «Sybill», «ER» and «Brothers and Sisters» for which she received greater fame and recognition. She has smoothly transitioned from being a TV star to becoming a respected actor due to her resilience, great talent and determination.

What concerns her personal life, she has been married twice. Her first husband was Steven Craig and their marriage lasted from 1968 to 1973. Sally had two sons with him – Peter and Eli. Alan Greisman became her second husband and they had been together until 1994.

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