«Pitt can’t even stand next to him!» Angelina Jolie introduced her new boyfriend and confirmed the rumors

While the whole world is talking about Pitt’s new girlfriend, Jolie is starting a new romance! 💌😉The «Maleficent» star is believed to be dating August Diehl, what a surprise! 😲🤫For their exclusive joint photos – see the article! 👇

Though it has been years that the most legendary Hollywood couple is no more together, their lives are still in the spotlight. While Jolie is believed to be busy raising their six kids, he has found new love and has big plans with her in the future.

The «Mr. and Mrs. Smith» actor dates a jeweler named Ines and they are believed to do things like normal lovers. Their friends share that they relationship is developing quite rapidly. And just recently, the rumors have spread about Jolie’s new romance and that lucky one became August Diehl.

He is remarkable for his roles in «Salt», «A Hidden Life», «Love in Thoughts» and many other great films. The big news about their relationship blew up the network.

«A walking charisma! One of the best actors I have ever known», «Pitt can’t even stand next to him, no doubt!», «What great news!», «Enough Internet for today..».

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