«Catwoman then and now!» This is what Jocelyn Wildenstein looked like before her plastic surgery disaster

People know her as the Catwoman, but only few have seen her before the transformation! 🧐🤫 This is what countless plastic surgeries have done to Jocelyn Wildenstein! 😲😬 An angelic beauty then, a monster-like creature now! 😱🤮 Hold your breath before you see her archive photos in this article! 👇

Whenever we hear «catwoman», an attractive-looking and appealing cartoon or movie character first crosses our mind. However, today’s article is about a woman who has also received that nickname. Here is Jocelyn Wildenstein who was born in 1940, Switzerland.

Jocelyn was lucky enough to cross paths with a successful man who worked in cinema. Soon, the man introduced her to a number of famed people in that sphere and she ventured herself into the world of glitz and glamour. At one point she desired to change something in her appearance.

Everything started with ordinary braces which marked the beginning of her incredible transformation, She underwent a large number of plastic interventions and soon became unstoppable as a result of which Jocelyn became totally unrecognizable.

Later, she took an attempt to fix everything, yet it was already beyond possibility. Now, after so many years, she admits being stupid to have spoilt her appearance irreversibly. Once her old photos from the archive were shared, they let no single one stay indifferent.

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