«Copy and paste!» Jason Momoa introduces his new girlfriend and everyone is saying the same thing

They divorced just several months ago, but the man didn’t waste time and found new love! 😉🫣 The «Games of Thrones» and «Aquaman» star showed his girlfriend and she looks very familiar! 🧐🤨See who stole the actor’s heart in this article! 👇

Many remember this actor from his portrayal in «Aquaman» and «Game of Thrones» which brought his acting career into a new level. The personal life of Momoa has never ceased to evoke interest as well. Everyone already knows that his first and biggest love was Lisa Bonet.

Their love story is simply incredible. The future star was still a child when he first saw her on TV and immediately fell in love promising himself to find and marry her later. Surprisingly enough, he stayed true to his choice and made her his wife. No one had an idea that their love story would ever have an end.

Just imagine everyone’s surprise when the spouses filed for divorce being together for 12 years and sharing two children together! People’s jaws dropped when the popular actor introduced his new girlfriend just several months after their divorce.

They were captured together sharing a tender hug. The opinions about their union vary greatly. Some are glad to see the man happy, while the others question the sincerity of his feelings marking the striking resemblance to his ex-partner.

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