«Prayers needed!» What happened to «Beverly Hills 90210» star Shannen Doherty leaves everyone heartbroken

Have you watched «Beverly Hills 90210», the series which follows the lives of a group of friends living in California? 🎬🧐 If yes, then you will definitely remember Brenda played by Shannen Doherty! 😍💘 Unfortunately, the actress has some sad news and seeks our support now! 💔😓 She has cancer! 😱 Check out her photos from hospital in this article! 👇

«Beverly Hills 90210» is a series following the lives of one group of Californian friends from being teens to adults. The series had been gracing our screens from the 1990s to the 2000s and brought the career of the actors and actresses starred there big success and incredible career heights.

However, many years have passed since its release and one of the movie stars has something bad to share with us. It has already been eight years that Sh. Doherty is battling with cancer. Back in 2015 she discovered a lump in her breast and was soon diagnosed with cancer.

This led her to undergo chemotherapy, radiation and one mastectomy after hormone treatment.

«I am uncertain whether any of you have been through this. I was very exhausted as well. To cheer myself up, I slipped into a pair of outrageous pajamas that my friend Kristy had given me».

Let’s pray for the notable actress together and hope that she will get well soon!

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