«Prayers needed!» Christina Applegate opens up about her health condition and leaves everyone heartbroken

She went without taking a shower for 3️⃣ weeks and hiding herself in a dark room! 🫣😱The fans’ hearts broke into pieces as Applegate shared the latest news and burst into tears! 💔😰 It was in 2️⃣0️⃣2️⃣1️⃣ that the American actress was diagnosed by Multiple Sclerosis and her life wasn’t the same since then! 😟😩See how she looks and lives today in this article! 👇

It was in a recent edition of her podcast that Ch. Applegate got candid and unveiled the latest update on her health state. For those who are still unaware, she was diagnosed with MS in 2021 and since then has been facing challenges and hardship.

The iconic 52-year-old actress honestly talked about her struggles to move and revealed all the limitation that the terrible ailment brought with it. Worried and regretful, she admitted that her symptoms are getting worse and the disease is rapidly progressing.

She had complains about lack of energy and wished that the pain she was constantly feeling would disappear. Applegate admitted that she started to frequently hide herself in a dark room and watch TV in order to numb the agony adding that there was time she was unable to take a shower even for three weeks.

Despite all these difficulties, she still treats all this with humor and doesn’t give up on hoping for better times. She shows that it is possible to overcome all the obstacles and start enjoying little things which, in fact, mean lot.

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