«Ageing like wine looks like this!» This is how Catherine Deneuve has changed

Many remember her from «The Hunger», «Belle de Jour» and «8 Women»! 🎬☺️Back in the 1️⃣9️⃣8️⃣0️⃣s all men had a crush on this blonde beauty who made waves in the French cinema! 🫠😍 4️⃣ decades have already passed and you had better sit down before you see Deneuve now in this article! 👇

There will hardly be anyone among you who will question the identity of this woman. Catherine Deneuve used to be among the most influential, towering and desirable actresses who achieved great career heights and gained fame not only in France, but also all over the world.

However surprising it might seem, she has celebrated her 80th birthday and looks far not the same. Many have been wondering how years have changed the French icon and here she is! One may say that she has aged like wine and all these years seem to have never passed for her.

Despite her senior age, she still remains the same charismatic and enthusiastic woman who has perfectly maintained her elegance and grace. Lately, she has made appearance at the Cannes Film Festival. Her fashion choice fell on an elegant floor-length outfit.

To say that all eyes there were on this timeless beauty is nothing to say. She obviously left an impression. Believe it or not, she is among those exceptional ones from show business who haven’t turned to cosmetic surgeons for enhancing their beauty.

All she does to look fine is drinking a lot of water, sleeping at least 8 hours and being in the fresh air.  Catherine still graced the Red Carpet with her unfading femininity and incomparable allure.

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