«The end is near!» Affleck and Lopez get spotted during a heated scandal and everyone is saying the same thing

Scandals in real life, «smiley» faces in front of cameras! 😤😡 Paparazzi secretly filmed Affleck and Lopez during a heated argument and caused a furor among the fans! 🤨🤯 Is this over and are the divorce rumors actually true? 🧐🙄 Check out the latest news in this article! 👇

The relationship of B. Affleck and J. Lopez offers twists and turns. It is filled with ups and downs and keeps evoking interest and causing public attention. As a reminder, they were partners 20 years ago who abruptly called off their engagement and chose separate paths.

The notable film star married Hollywood actress Jennifer Garner having three kids, while Lopez found love with M. Anthony welcoming twins. However, fate had other plans. Around two decades later, the ex-couple reunited marking the re-start of their exemplary love-story.

The Bennifer tied the knot in 2022. Everything was fine until rumors about their split spread everywhere. People clearly noticed that they didn’t look happy together and rarely even smiled. Then, reliable sources claimed that the man left the home they shared and it has been a long time they haven’t seen each other.

However, paparazzi have recently spotted the couple during a heated argument and raised some questions among their fans. While many made sure that all the rumors were wrong seeing them together, some believed that they were probably arguing about their personal issues and are now about to file for divorce.

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