«With rotten teeth, half-bald» This is how years have changed Irish actor Pierce Brosnan

Women were head and heels in love with James Bond back then, but now it takes courage to look at him! 💘➡️💔 Time didn’t spare one of the hottest actors of all time and his noticeably aged look came as a big disappointment! 😬😱Hold your breath before you see his wrinkles, black teeth and grayed hair in this article! 👇

It was on April 23 that cameras captured the prominent and successful actor dressed in a rather unusual way. He was filming for the upcoming sports drama Giant and will play Brenden Ingle, the trainer of boxer Prince Naseem Hamed. The film star, best-remembered for his portrayal of James Bond, was seen in a track jacket and black slacks.

Besides the upcoming picture which is anticipated by a large number of people worldwide, a lot of attention was paid to Brosnan’s considerably aged look which left a lot to be desired. His hair has completely gone gray, wrinkles covered his whole face and his teeth were not in the best condition.

«The end of the legend!», «How fast time passes by!», «James Bond is not the same anymore», «How can we unsee this?», «Enough Internet for today».

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