«Neither Bellucci, nor Kunakey can stand next to her!» Vincent Cassel confirms the rumors and introduces his girlfriend

While the world is still talking about Cassel’s divorce from Tina, the French actor didn’t waste time and found a new one! 😉🤌 A 3️⃣0️⃣ years younger model became the one who stole the heart of the film star! 💘😮Is she actually better than Bellucci and Kunakey? 🤨🧐 Cassel first came out with her and you can find the photos in this article! 👇

Just imagine the fans’ great surprise and astonishment to see Vincent Cassel with someone else! The thing is that it didn’t take the French film star a long time to get over his ex-wife, and start a new romance right away. While the model is busy raising their daughter, Cassel enjoys his time with another long-legged beauty.

However surprising it might seem, Narah Baptista, the one who became the cinema star’s new girlfriend, is around 30 years younger than him. This didn’t prevent them from starting a romance and even make public appearance confirming all the rumors.


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Bellucci’s ex-husband simply couldn’t remain indifferent towards this dark-skinned Brazilian beauty who possesses ideal body parameters and unrealistic charm.

«It’s impossible to take our eyes off this hottie!», «No wonder he fell madly in love with her», «Year by year he dates even younger women», «He has a good taste in women!».

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