«Hanging skin, no elasticity!» This is what age and years have done to Hollywood legend Tom Cruise

Back in the 1️⃣9️⃣8️⃣0️⃣s girls went crazy about Cruise calling him the hottest man to ever appear on our screen! 🤭💘 Years have passed and those who were in love with the «Top Gun» star now hardly recognize him! 😬🤨 The former heartbreaker was spotted shirtless and the photos can be seen in this article! 👇

No one will deny that Tom Cruise used to be among the most desirable and in-demand Hollywood film stars who were dubbed as «sex symbols» toward whom no girl or woman could remain indifferent. Time has passed and it has already taken its toll on the macho too.

Now, at the age of 61, Cruise still steals the spot with his timeless attractiveness. In comparison to other movie stars his age, there is no doubt that he has maintained in a perfect way and can still be a «dream guy» to girls around. He adheres to a training regimen and works out six times a week. How praiseworthy!

However, it wasn’t until curious paparazzi caught him without a shirt in the water. His fans and supporters even had to take a double-look to ensure it was actually him or not.  It is worth mentioning that his physical fitness has always been his priority is nothing to say.

This includes weight training, functional exercises, cardio workout like cycling and hiking. He also follows a low-calorie diet and puts the main focus on lean proteins, fish, eggs and vegetables. He doesn’t view his age as a barrier or obstacle.

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