«Did anyone call for a bombshell?» New vacation photos of Bella Hadid are making headlines

People call Bella Hadid «the world’s most beautiful woman» and here is the reason why! 😉🤌Even Jolie and Kendall can’t stand next to her! 🔥Paparazzi secretly filmed the supermodel in a tiny bikini and made hearts beat faster! 👙🤤 How unfair it is to look so good! 🤭For the exclusive photos – see the article! 👇

People’s opinions about Bella Hadid vary greatly. Some consider her the most beautiful girl on our planet who has even surpassed Jolie, Kendall and Campbell. The other group of people sees nothing attractive in her. However, one thing is clear here: tastes differ and one can’t please absolutely everyone.

These days, photographers haven’t missed the chance to capture the 27-year-old runway icon while she was on a vacation. Hadid was wearing a black bikini which revealed most parts of her body and left little room for imagination. While some genuinely admired her calling it a «dream body», the others found her an absolutely ordinary girl who has money and has undergone countless cosmetic surgeries.

«She’s giving goddess vibes», «It’s impossible to take our eyes off this beauty!», «Genetics or plastic surgeries?», «There are millions like her. Why do so many people adore her?», «Perfect from head to toe», «Did anyone call for an icon?».

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