«Happy 99th birthday!» This is what happened to the legend of the Golden Age of Hollywood

She is one of the surviving stars from the Golden Age whose career spanned 7️⃣ decades! 🤩👏She is world-renowned for such movies as «North by Northwest», «On the Waterfront» and «Grand Pix»!🎬 Let’s congratulate her on her 9️⃣9️⃣th birthday! Check out the legendary star’s new photos in this article! 👇

Eva Marie Saint is world-renowned for not only her great talent, brilliant acting skills and professionalism, but also classic beauty, unearthly allure and elegance. She is remarkable for her numerous roles in films which shaped her as one of the most notable and successful figures of the Golden Age of Hollywood.

The legend has already celebrated her 99th birthday and here are some interesting facts about her life and career. Her most favorite movie was «North by Northwest», yet she earned an Oscar for her appearance in «On the Waterfront».

The star crossed paths with her future husband on the New York City train. She was carrying a modeling book with her name written in gold letter and Jeffrey Hayden got interested. Their marriage lasted 65 years until the man’s passing in 2016.

Even after so many years and her senior age, she still maintains her grace and elegance. People’s pleasant surprise and happiness acknowledge no limits when they learn that Eva is, fortunately, still alive and has recently celebrated her 99th birthday.

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