«Granny’s genes did their job!» Goldie Hawn showed her 7-year-old granddaughter and blew up the network

It was 7️⃣ years ago that Hawn’s son gifted the actress with her granddaughter Rio!😮 The Hollywood actress has lately shared an intimate photo of her granddaughter and their resemblance left everyone speechless! 🧐🤐Their joint photo melted everyone’s heart which you can see in this article!👇

It goes without saying that G. Hawn and K. Russell, whose incredible love story began back in 1983, are one of the most enduring and longest-standing couples in the industry. It is interesting to note that despite their ever-lasting love and unbreakable bond, they still haven’t tied the knot.

However, this doesn’t deny the fact that the actress is a mother and even a grandmother. Though they haven’t got married, they still maintain the deep emotional attachment between each other.

«As long as my emotional state is one of devotion, honesty, caring, and loving, then we’re fine. I love waking up every day and seeing him there, knowing I have a choice. There’s no real reason to marry».

It is worth mentioning that Hawn welcomed two children with her second husband B. Hudson. Moreover, Kate has two children towards whom Goldie keeps being dedicated and caring. Her son Oliver gifted her with three grandchildren and one of them is Rio who is only 7 years old.

One of their latest intimate posts has hit the network which the legendary actress captioned like this, «Christmas lunch in Aspen with a chip off the old block».

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