«Targeting my child is unacceptable!» This is how Paris Hilton responds to the criticism towards her son

She can no more endure trolling comments and sends a candid message for which no one is ready for! 😱😨 The actress has something to say to those who «attack» her innocent child for his unusual appearance! 😲🤫 She bursts into tears as she recalls all those hurting words! 💔😭 For more details – see the article! 👇

It was in February last year that Paris Hilton welcomed her firstborn naming him Phoenix. For those who are unaware, he came into this world through surrogacy and brought immense joy and happiness to the family. However, the actress was soon hit by a wave of harsh criticism and negativity.

The iconic actress can hardly perceive how cruel and heartless people could be to say bad words to an innocent child. In response, she assured that they surely have been to a doctor and there is nothing wrong with her child.

The star added that when she doesn’t post her kids’ pictures, people call her «a bad parent», but when she does, it causes a furor and she has to deal with all those haters.

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