«She hit the genetic jackpot!» Shakira shares intimate snapshots with her parents and melts everyone’s heart

Everyone is talking about Shakira’s love life, but have you ever seen her parents? 🧐🤫 The Columbian singer let the fans have a closer look into her family and now we see whose genes worked best! 🤩🤌 This is what the iconic star’s parents look like! 😍😮Check out their family photos in this article! 👇

These days, one of the most popular, successful and outstanding singers have hit the social media with some heartwarming family snapshots. Shakira showed herself sitting on her mother’s lap leaning her head on her shoulder. They were giving each other a warm hug and their special bond was seen even through the skin.

Shakira has admitted that she always feels herself like a child while being with her mother. The woman makes her feel safe and protected. Of course, network users paid special attention to their striking resemblance claiming that «they are two peas in a pod» and calling the singer «the mini version of her mother».

What concerns the singer personal life, she has recently undergone a hurtful divorce from his then-husband Pique after which she released a song and stormed the network. It is worth mentioning that she is now reportedly dating Netflix star Lucien Laviscount.

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