«She can’t even stand next to the Princess!» The latest outing of Meghan Markle raised questions

If there are still those who have doubts that Markle copies Lady Di, here is the proof! 🤫😏The duchess of Sussex is channeling one of the late Princess’s fashion moments! 😮💥 Photographers film something strange as she returns from Nigeria! 🧐🎥 See the article for more! 👇

As the duchess returned from Nigeria, paparazzi noticed something unusual in her outfit. The thing is that she went out in an outfit inspired by the late Princess. The outfit consisted of a blazer which looked much like that of Lady Di. It was on May 13 that curious paparazzi spotted her.

Markle opted for a tasteful outfit: a blazer and all-white ensemble on her return to Los Angeles after her Nigeria trip. She was caught at the airport in a blazer by Loro Piana complementing it with a white sweater and matching jeans. The flats she was wearing looked exactly like those of Diana and there is no question in it.

Moreover, she chose a similar way of dressing for her own engagements frequently giving her preference to sleek and monochrome looks. What is more, she often wears the necklace that used to belong to Diana which was one of the recent valuable gifts from Harry.

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