«The silence is broken!» Let’s shed light on Clint Eastwood’s crazy love life and career ups and downs

You probably remember him from «Cry Macho» on whom everyone had a crush back then! 🧐🤩Girls called him the hottest actor ever, but time spares no one! 🥱😵‍💫 Here is everything to know about the legendary actor’s life and path to success! 🤫 For some mind-blowing details – see the article! 👇

There is hardly anyone who will question the identity of this legendary man. Born in San Francisco, California, C. Eastwood has become a notable and accomplished figure in acting in the Western movies which brought his career into a new level and made him a world-renowned star.

It was in the 1970s that his drizzling career switched from acting to directing. His work on the movie called «Play Misty for Me» marked the beginning. Among the great films that he has directed are «Million Dollar Baby» and «Mystic River».

His early years were marked by challenges and hardships conditioned by the fact that he grew up during the Great Depression in a mobile house with his family. At the age of 21 he was enrolled in the US Army What concerns his personal life, it was quite intriguing and heated.

The legendary movie star had numerous relationships. His first marriage was to fitness instructor M. Neville Johnson whom he met on a blind date. However, he had an affair which resulted in his daughter. This was not the end. He kept having love affairs as a result of which he had more illegitimate children.

Afterwards, he had been in a marriage of convenience with G. Leigh Anderson who, as he claimed, made him monogamous.

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