«Still a student with golden hair and radiant smile!» Throwback photos of Goldie Hawn surface the network

People associate her with an aged woman with wrinkles and saggy skin, but hold your breath before you see her archive photos as a high school student! 🤌  Rare photos of the iconic Hollywood actress have been revealed! 📸💥 You too can see them in this article! 👇

It was back in the 1960s that Hawn appeared in the entertainment industry as a highly successful, sought-after and notable figure whose drizzling career has spanned for decades. Many people remember her from such movies as «Private Benjamin», «The First Wives Club», etc.

She first showed her comedic skills on the TV show Rowan and Martin’s Laugh-In from 1968 to 1970. Later, she was lucky enough to take a leading role in «Cactus Flower».

Years have passed and the young film star is not the same. Goldie has aged beyond recognition and appears totally different in her 70s.  When someone tells her name, we associate it with someone aged with deep wrinkles, loose skin and no elasticity. However, it should be mentioned that ageing is for everyone and she hasn’t always been the same grandmother.

When asking the iconic film star about her timeless beauty secrets, she never misses a chance to mention the crucial role of olive oil.

The method of using it is the following: she takes two tablespoons of it before bed and massages her face with it. Many have been wondering what she looked like in her youth and here she is! Goldie looks stunning.

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