«No good news!» Keith Urban gives an update about the prostate cancer and leaves everyone speechless

The fans’ hearts cracked in a second! 💔😭 He shared the latest news and everyone started to pray for him! 😓🙏The musician got candid about his condition and it is impossible not to burst into tears after this! 🥺For more information – see the article! 👇

Just lately, this legendary country music superstar has been spotted at Sydney Airport confirming the news that he would be the mystery guest performer at the long-awaited charity event «It’s A Bloke Thing» luncheon in Toowoomba.

He was spotted with a crowd of 500 enthusiastic supporters each of whom had contributed $1 to gain access to this remarkable event, promote to the research of prostate cancer and raise awareness. This kind of cancer worries Keith most since his father and several other relatives struggled with it and which, unfortunately, ended up taking their lives and leaving a forever mark on the legendary musician.

Moments like this highlight the notable and prominent musician’s vulnerability and, at the same time, resilience, determination and willingness to having his own contribution to the issue which affects millions and urgently needs a solution.

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