«Motherhood didn’t do her good!» This is how family life has changed actress Keira Knightley

The fans could hardly believe their eyes when they saw Knightley in the recent photos! 😬😱She definitely didn’t expect to meet paparazzi! 🤫The star went on a walk with her daughter and showed up with no makeup and in casual clothing! 💄🚫 For the scandalous photos – see the article! 👇

The great talent, incredible career heights and professionalism of K. Knightley have shaped her as one of the most successful and highly in-demand stars of nowadays. Many remember her from such blockbuster movies as «Star Wars», «Innocent Lies» and «Coming Home».

What concerns her personal life, the outstanding film star has happily been married to musician J. Righton for already 11 years and they share two children: Dalila and Edie. Recently, she has admitted feeling uncomfortable filming in «nude» scenes after embracing motherhood.

Keira has also confessed that she prioritize her children and started to pay less attention to her appearance. She places a great importance on wearing whatever feels comfortable while being a new mom without worrying about others’ opinions, beliefs and perceptions.

Lately, curious paparazzi have captured her during her leisure stroll with her daughter. She was wearing loose jeans, high-top shoes, a black jacket and a patterned sweater. The iconic actress complemented her look with a black cap, a fabric bag and a golden chain.

To say that her casual look resulted in mixed reactions is nothing to say. Some found her outfit nice, while the others were strongly disappointed. To some, she didn’t look as attractive as anticipated.

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