Mom’s genes said «Goodbye!» Salma Hayek showed her daughter and everyone is saying the same thing

Few know that Hayek was 4️⃣1️⃣ when she ignored doctors’ advice and gave birth to her daughter! 😮🤔 Years have passed and Valentina has already grown up! 😍🫠«Mom’s genes didn’t work», «She can’t even stand next to her mother» and other comments hit the girl! 💬 See how she appears now in this article! 👇

It stands to reason that celebrities’ and show business stars’ personal life never ceases to escape public attention. Few know that this iconic Mexican actress welcomed her only heiress at the age of 41 after ignoring doctors’ advice and warnings. Salma named her heiress Valentina who has already celebrated her 16th birthday.

«Happy Mother’s Day to all mothers – whether you’re raising children, cherishing for babies, expecting a little one, or remembering those who are no longer with us. Today, we honor every aspect of motherhood».

It is worth mentioning that she was born during the marriage between Salma and F. Pinault, the CEO of Kering, a French billionaire. For those who are unaware, the man has children from his previous relationships: he shares a son with supermodel L. Evangelista and a daughter and son with designer D. Leper.

It was back in 2009 that the couple tied the knot in the historic La Fenice opera house in Venice. Turning to their heiress, Valentina’s appearance often causes a furor. Some find her uniquely beautiful and a mini version of her iconic mother, while the others see nothing attractive in her claiming that she can’t even stand next to Salma.

Recently, the Mexican beauty has shared a rare photo with her mother too, opera singer D. Jimenez Medina and delighted her followers.

«I’m incredibly grateful to still have the privilege of sharing moments with my mother».

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