«Social media vs. reality» What Adele looks like with no glam, makeup and in casual clothes caused controversy

The fans hardly recognized Adele in the recent paparazzi photos! 🤨🤯 Camera lenses secretly captured the iconic singer without makeup and in casual clothes! 💄🚫While she appears perfect on Instagram, the reality is different! 😬☹️ Be prepared to get disappointed when you see Adele in this article! 👇

It was especially after her weight-loss transformation that the public attention was drawn to her life and appearance. People believe that her drastic makeover was conditioned by her hurtful divorce from her ex-husband about whom she can’t utter a word without shedding a tear even today.

Not only the incredible talent, professionalism and breathtaking performances of the iconic singer, but also her charisma and exceptionally beautiful features set her apart leading people to believe that she has no equals in the industry. Her great songs are widely listened to.

Recently, the iconic performer has been spotted by curious photographers who didn’t miss the chance to show the «real self» of the outstanding performer. She appeared with no makeup, no special hairdo and casual clothes. Her authentic image came as a big surprise for some of her fans.

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