«With a walker, hardly moving!» The latest news about Albert Roker left everyone heartbroken

You might remember him as the weather anchor on NBC’s Today and 3rd Hour Today! 🎬🧐 His wife shares news about her husband and seeks our support! 😭🙏 The fans started to pray for the star after his exclusive hospital photos which you can see in this article! 👇

There is hardly anyone who still hasn’t noticed that our favorite weatherman and successful TV personality has been absent from about 30 episodes which raises many questions. The thing is that his sudden disappearance has been conditioned by his health decline.

Just imagine the fans’ concerns and worrying when it became known that the star has been facing some health challenges.

Of course, the supporters rushed to desperately pray for their favorite star and their hearts were broken after the terrible news. However, they were happy that he was receiving proper medical care and attention.

As a quick reminder, his drizzling career began back in the 1970s and he deservedly earned countless accolades for the quality of his newscasts. His wife has been by his side all this time and became his biggest navigator through such a difficult time.

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