«Little Cora has grown up!» This is what happened to actress Alex Owens

At the age of 9️⃣ she was so lucky that even Leonardo DiCaprio ordered her sandwiches! 😉 If you have watched «Titanic», you probably remember the little girl named Cora! 🎬😍 Her cuteness melted everyone’s hearts on the set! 🫠💘 See how she appears now in this article! 👇

It was in 1997 that the epic J. Cameron’s film was released breaking the hearts of millions of viewers. It was starred by DiCaprio and Winslet, yet the girl named Cora didn’t escape anyone’s attention either. The cutie was played by young actress Alex Owens.

She starred alongside her sister and had a great time on the set. Few know that she formed a sweet friendship with L. DiCaprio behind the scenes who was captivated by her cuteness and even ordered sandwiches for her.

Concerning her personal life, she relocated to Los Angeles after the graduation and pursued acting lessons.  What is more, she captivates large audiences with her cabaret performances and keeps her 20 000 followers updated.

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