«Obese, searching trash bins!» Let’s shed light on the rarely-seen side of Barbra Streisand’s life

She heartlessly abandoned her son and forgot about him! 💔😨The actress admitted prioritizing her career over family! 🫤😡We bet none of you has heard of these jaw-dropping details about Barbra Streisand’s life! 🤫🧐 Lately, the fans mistook her son for a beggar! 😬😱See the scandalous photos in this article! 👇

The name of this iconic Hollywood star is well-known and recognized all over the world. Her great talent, charisma and incredible acting skills captivated millions shaping her as one of the most towering and notable figures in the industry. Not only her performances, but also unearthly grace let no one remain indifferent.

Though she has become a household name and cultural phenomenon, little is known about her personal life. It may come as a big surprise to know that she has prioritized her career over her family, as she candidly admitted. Barbra put her job first and her focus has always been on her profession.

Not everyone knows that she deliberately left her own son to the care of others being focused solely on her career. She hadn’t recalled him even for once for many years. Later, she expressed a wish to embrace motherhood again and adopted a son named Jess during her second marriage. However, the boy got strongly disappointed in her mother after being informed about her background and past mistakes.

He now appears obese and often gets spotted next to garbage bins. The way he has changed leaves a lot to be desired. His drastic transformation sparked reaction.

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