«Prayers needed!» The latest news about Ed Sheeran and his wife left everyone heartbroken

The fans started to pray for Ed Sheeran and his wife after the recent news! 😭🙏 The English singer confirms the rumors about his wife’s cancer and breaks everyone’s hearts! 💔😓 She was diagnosed with cancer while being six months pregnant! 😨😫 For more – see the article! 👇

It goes without saying that not only ordinary people, but also show business stars and celebrities face challenges, hardships and difficulties. According to one proverb «Life is not a bed of roses» and this concerns famous and successful people too.

Just imagine the fans’ astonishment when Ed Sheeran, one of the most popular and successful English singer-songwriters, announced that his wife was diagnosed with cancer while being pregnant. This brought tremendous stress and trouble taking their toll on the couple.

It is worth mentioning that the love story between the star and Cherry Seaborn began back in 2015. They got married in 2019. The fact that doctors diagnosed her with cancer and one of his friends passed away just in the same month hit the musician like a sharp knife.

«It was really bad, and then all of a sudden, my best friend Jamal died».

The whole thing is that doctors noticed a tumor in Cherry’s arm and when the baby was born it became possible to remove it and prevent its growth. The musician admits that it was the hardest period of his entire life.

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