«Like father, like son!» Legendary Hollywood actors showed their fathers and blew up the network

We bet none of you has seen DiCaprio’s, Pitt’s and other famous actors’ fathers! 🤫 This is what the fathers of the famous male stars of Hollywood look like! 🧐😍Here are those whom these stars owe their handsomeness to! 🤗See the exclusive photos in this article! 👇

It stands to reason that behind every successful person are their parents who have always been their main supporters navigating them through hard and challenging times. They are believed to have had the biggest contribution to the success of their children.

Most people haven’t seen the parents of their beloved show business stars and celebrities. Let’s have a look at how the fathers of these world-renowned and successful stars look.

Keanu Reeves – Samuel Knowlin Vives, Jr.

He was born in Hawaii and earned his living as an auxiliary worker.

Chris Hemswort – Craig Hemsworth

He still keeps himself in great shape and enjoys exercising together with his son.

Brad Pitt – William Pitt

He ran a transport company. What concerns his wife, Brad’s mother, she worked as a school psychologist.

Ryan Gosling – Thomas Gosling

He was born and raised in Canada. His main occupation is trading.

Jim Carrey – Percy Currey

He worked as an accountant and worked part-time in a factory.

Leonardo DiCaprio – George DiCaprio

Interestingly enough, he is a prominent writer, publisher and artist.

Nicolas Cage – Auguste Coppola

Many know that he is a notable writer and art connoisseur.

Benedict Cumberbatch – Timothy Carlton

Few know that he appeared on TV in series and even acted in theatre.

Ben Stiller – Jerry Stiller

Jerry was a popular actor and comedian.

Michael Douglas – Kirk Douglas

He was a prominent actor of the Golden Era of Hollywood.

George Clooney – Nick Clooney

Nick dedicated himself to journalism and television

Jason Statham – Barry Statham

Barry tries to keep up with his son and often monitors his appearance.

Robert Pattinson – Richard Pattinson

He was engaged in transferring vintage American cars abroad.

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