«Genetically blessed» Salma Hayek showed her mother and blew up the network

Try not to fall in love at first sight when you see Hayek’s mother! ❤️‍🔥🤤The actress shared joint photos and now we see whose genes did work! 😏🤌Diana Jimenez has aged like wine and looks like a sister next to her daughter! 🤫 See the article for more!👇

Do you know who Diana Jimenez Medina is? She is a former opera singer, but is more recognized as the mother of one of the most iconic Mexican actresses. No one will deny that people love S. Hayek not only for her great talent and acting skills, but also charisma and incredible beauty.

When one sees her mother, it now becomes quite clear whose genes did their best. The outstanding 56-yera-old movie star, who is best-remembered for her portrayal in «Eternals», «House of Gucci» and «Frida», has lately shown warm joint photos with her mother.

Salma shared an exclusive snapshots with her mother and aunt. To say that Diana didn’t look her age is nothing to say. Even without makeup and special hairdo, she looked effortlessly stunning.

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