«Take her to a mental hospital, right now!» This is what depression has done to pop singer Britney Spears

Spears went out totally naked and everyone closed their eyes out of embarrassment! 🫣😱Camera lenses filmed the pop star without clothes in the streets and caused a furor! 📸💥People started to advise her to turn to a psychologist as soon as possible! 😨😡 See the article for the exclusive photos! 👇

She was among the most highly in-demand, successful and desirable pop stars who was a teen icon for years and built a drizzling career in music. However, early success, the family drama and her recent hurtful divorce have already taken their toll on the legendary performer.

For those who don’t know, she was married to fitness trainer S. Asghari with whom she has lately broken up. Now, she is in a new relationship and that «lucky» guy is believed to be her housekeeper. The couple has lately been spotted during their getaway in a Los Angeles hotel.

Paparazzi didn’t miss the chance and captured Spears barely in any clothes while exiting her room. To say that her appearance left a lot to be desired is nothing to say, However, it was believed that she suffered a leg injury and the concerned hotel staff summoned emergency services including the police and medical professionals.

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