«Pregnancy announcement!» The big news that Iskra Lawrence is expecting her second child is heating up social media

She was only 1️⃣3️⃣ when she secured her first contact and became one of the most iconic models of the time! 💥🤩 Iskra Lawrence and her husband have recently hit the network with the news about expecting their second child! 🤰🎉She shared exclusive photos showing off her bump which you can see in this article! 👇

There is hardly anyone who will question the identity of Iskra Lawrence. Few know that she started her drizzling career in the big world of modeling at her teen years and secured her first contact at the age of 13.  It became the very beginning of her incredible journey and she was later listed among plus-size models.

For years she had been struggling to lose weight and couldn’t accept herself. Eventually, she learnt how to love herself, stopped going on strict diets and even started to take part in lingerie advertising. She is one of those who rejects «90-60-90» and other beauty stereotypes.

The model encourages millions in the world to embrace their true selves and see real beauty in those who have extra weight since absolutely everyone deserves to be accepted and loved. Iskra is undoubtedly among the most inspiring and influential figures in modeling.

The touching pictures she has shared melted everyone’s heart. People could see the special and undividable bond between her husband and her which makes them one of the most enduring and exemplary couples in show business.

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