«Obese and with grayed hair!» This is what age and years have done to iconic actress Kelly McGillis

You had better sit down before you see the beauty on «Top Gun» in her new photos! 😬😨The actress who was lucky enough to star alongside Cruise is now unrecognizable! 🤐🤯 Those who went crazy about Kelly McGillis now want their words back! 😉💯 For her recent photos – see the article! 👇

Most viewers remember this legendary Hollywood actress for her remarkable role in the hit film «Top Gun» where she starred alongside T. Cruise. No one could resist and not to fall madly in love with her back then. Her striking blue eyes and blonde hair made her the biggest «crush» on the set.

37 years have passed and on-screen Charlie appears totally unrecognizable now. The way McGillis has changed escapes no one’s attention. Some even claim that Cruise would be horrified to see her now. Paparazzi don’t miss any chance to film the actress whenever she gets spotted in public.

«What are you talking about? She looks amazing for her age», «Time spares nobody», «It took me a while to recognize her here», «Our favorite Charlie is no more the same!».

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