«With a messy bun, in worn-out clothes and no glam!» The recent outing of Dua Lipa is making headlines

The fans mistook Dua Lipa for a homeless woman in the recent photos! 😬😱 Cameras secretly captured the singer at the airport and caused a furor! 🧐📸 While she steals everyone’s heart on stage, the reality is disappointing! 🥱😦See what the star looks like when the cameras are off in this article! 👇

While most show business stars and celebrities literally shine on stage, the Red Carpet and various events, they appear totally different when cameras are off. Some look no less beautiful, appealing and desirable, while the others leave a lot to be desired.

Today’s article is about Dua Lipa, one of today’s most popular, successful and outstanding performers. Few know that she has come a long and challenging way from working as a waitress to becoming one of the most iconic pop stars in show business. No one including her could even imagine that she would become a global star in the nearest future.

It is worth mentioning that besides her drizzling career in the music industry, she is also an influential and successful figure in the big world of fashion. Most of her fashion choices receive the highest praise and become the subject of heated discussions.

However, her recent outing captured by paparazzi escaped no one’s attention. She chose sweatpants, a sweatshirt, an oversized jacket and sneakers. Her laid-back look included a messy bun, the absence of makeup and sunglasses as well.

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