«With a buzzcut and in boyish clothes!» Lopez made appearance with her child and stirred up controversy

She asks fans to call her daughter «they», not «she»! 😱😬It was in 2️⃣0️⃣0️⃣8️⃣ that Lopez and Anthony became parents! 😮🥰 Emme and Max have already grown up and live their own lives! 🤫🧐 But there is one «but»! 🚫The girl is still undecided on her orientation! 🤯 See Emme’s new image in this article! 👇

In 2008 one of the main celebrities of today’s entertainment industry welcomed her twins with her already ex-husband. Max and Emme have grown up and are now mature individuals. Like other celebrity kids, they never cease to capture public attention and evoke interest.

Their life and appearance have always been the topic of heated discussions. 15-year-old Emme has recently made a massive splash with their entirely new image. Emme appeared with a buzzcut and in a boyish outfit. The mother couldn’t raise her eyes out of embarrassment.

Just imagine everyone’s surprise when Lopez asked to call her heiress «they». It has become known that Emme is still undecided on her appearance. Lopez, like any other good mother, supports her child and lets the girl embark on a self-discovery journey.

«Isn’t she ashamed of her daughter? How disgraceful!», «Where are her mother’s wonderful genes?», «Enough Internet for today!», «What does Affleck think about this I wonder?», «Blink twice if you need help».

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