«From Hollywood to a mental hospital!» This is what happened to «The Shining» star Shelley Duvall

The fans started to desperately pray for Shelley Duvall after the mental hospital footage! 🙏😭 It was in 1️⃣9️⃣8️⃣0️⃣ that she played her breakthrough role in «The Shining» which became fatal! 😱🤫 The actress found herself in a mental hospital! 😬See the heartbreaking footage in this article! 👇

Millions know this talented and outstanding actress for her role in «The Shining» where she brilliantly portrayed Jack’s wife. At first sight, everything was great and both her role and the movie were a success, yet something tragic lied behind portraying the character.

Working with the producer Stanley Kubrick left a forever mark on the popular actress’s mental health. Since the actress was expected to express a variety of emotions, the producer could even screem at her and make replay one part even hundreds of times.

Later, the actress shared that after the movie she felt empty and exhausted. She had other roles as well, yet this one was undeniably her breakthrough one which brought her career into a new level. It is known that since 2017 the actress has been in a mental hospital. However, fortunately, she made an impressive comeback in 2023 evoking nostalgia among her followers.

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