«Who stole Bill Gates’s heart?» Here is the woman whom the co-founder of Microsoft is dating

Bill Gates showed his new girlfriend and now the money is not the only thing that makes people envy him!🤫 Who stole one of the richest men’s heart after his 27-year marriage and is she here for money? 🤔🧐To discover everything – see the article! 👇

There is hardly anyone who will question the identity of this man-legend. He is Bill Gates, an American business figure, the co-founder of the software giant and one of the wealthiest men on Earth whose significant contribution and irreplaceable role can hardly be overestimated.

Turning to his personal life, he has recently ended his marriage to Melinda Gates and caused a furor. Rumors say that the he had an affair which led their long-lasting marriage to fall apart.

Some sources claim that people also noticed Gates at private parties at strip clubs and confirm his newfound romance with Paula Heard. They have even been spotted together during vacations as well as tennis tournaments including attendance at a private engagement party for J. Bezos and L. Sanchez.

So, 60-year-old Paula managed to steal the heart of one of the most influential and towering figures of our generation. If interested, Paula was previously married to Mark Hurd and Hewlett-Packard executive, who, unfortunately, passed away in 2019.

She has a background in IT and dedicated herself to philanthropy and event planning. Her passion for tennis and intelligence are believed to be the things that captivated the world-renowned man.

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