Marcia on «The Brady Bunch» turned 67! This is how age and years have changed Hollywood legend Maureen McCormick

Many remember her as Marcia from «The Brady Bunch», but few know her in real life!🧐 McCormick was one of the Hollywood luminaries whom all men’s hearts belonged to! 💘🫠The beauty has already turned 6️⃣7️⃣! Let’s shed light on the actress’s personal struggles and path to success!💥 See the article for more! 👇

It goes without saying that life is a rollercoaster ride fraught with ups and downs. It is not «a bed of roses» even for show business stars and celebrities and M. McCormick is among them. Many know her as Marcia from «The Brady Bunch» who claims that faith has always navigated her through hard times.

What concerns her personal life, the chemistry between McCormick and one man whom she periodically met during the same Bible studies soon happened. The future star purposefully placed herself near him and her love eventually won. Michael Cummings became her husband.

Even during challenging times including those when McCormick dealt with addiction, her husband stood next to her and helped her keep the hope and move on. Their marriage thrived for no less than 37 years. The spouses call their connection extraordinary.

The American sitcom due to which her career was brought into a new level was «The Brady Bunch» where she starred one of the six siblings.

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