«With duck lips and swollen face!» New scandalous photos of Goldie Hawn are making headlines

This is why facelift and Botox should be banned!🚫 Camera lenses captured the actress looking unrecognizable after another beauty procedure!😬😱 Show business spoilt her too!😤🤯 Even the loyal fans refused to believe that this is actually her in the photos which you too can see in this article!👇

The recent noticeable changes that G. Hawn has undergone escaped the attention of no single one. The way the 77-year-old actress and wife of K. Russell has changed became the subject of active discussions. It is beyond any doubt that the iconic film star has undergone some cosmetic surgeries and other beauty procedures which didn’t go unnoticed.

Especially after the recent scandalous photos by paparazzi, the fans made sure that their favorite actress whom they had known for ages is far not the same.

«Here is why plastic surgeries should be banned!», «Excessive Botox and facelift should be illegal», «Show business spoilt her too», «It took me a while to recognize her here», «Why spoil such a beautiful face I wonder?».

Recently, the iconic actress and her husband were filmed during their family trip in Apron and Hawn’s appearance left a lot to be desired. It raised questions and the fans couldn’t figure out whether she had visited beauticians or suffered some health challenges.

It has been several decades that Hawn and Russell are inseparably together. Despite the fact they haven’t legalized their relationship, their love and passion have lived for years and even today they look at each other with eyes full of warmth and dedication.

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