«I was pulled down by my spouse!» Shakira opens up about her divorce from Pique on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon

Shakira finally spills the tea and gets candid about the divorce from Pique! 💔😭The singer reveals everything during a show and this is something not everyone is ready for!🫢🤯 For more information – see the article!👇

It has been just recently on The Tonight that one of the most popular, successful and desirable singers Shakira has candidly spoken about her divorce from the famous football player. As a reminder, it was in 2022 that the spouses announced their split after 11 years of being together.

The married couple lived in Barcelona where Gerard played football for FC Barcelona. They expanded their beautiful family by welcoming two adorable sons. Everything seemed more than perfect until news about Pique’s betrayal spread everyone and made a massive splash.

«It was the husband-factor. I am now without a spouse. Yes, I was being pulled down by my spouse. I’m free now. I can actually work now».

She has made it quite clear that their breakup had a positive impact on her career and work for which she is incredibly grateful.  This helps her concentrate and create her first album in seven years called «Women No Longer Cry».

«Because we are women, we have been forced to cry for far too long with a script in our hands and no end in sight. In front of society and our children, we must hide our suffering. We must recover in a specific manner. Furthermore, nobody should, in my opinion, be telling up how to heal».

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