«The younger version of the Pretty Woman!» Roberts’s and Moder’s daughter makes rare public appearance

It was in 2️⃣0️⃣0️⃣4️⃣ that Roberts and Moder welcomed their daughter! 😍 Years have passed and little Hazel is not the same anymore! 🧐🤔 She has even outgrown her parents in height and is ready to steal boys’ hearts! 😉💘 The Pretty Woman showed her grown-up daughter whose recent photos you can find in this article! 👇

The couple of J. Roberts and D. Moder is considered to be among the most exemplary and enduring ones in show business. The legendary actress, best-remembered for her role in «Pretty Woman», and her husband have been inseparable for over 20 years and welcomed twins and a son.

No one will deny that time flies fast! Their absolutely adorable children have already grown up and are ready to outgrow the parents. Their twin daughter made a rare public appearance at Cannes Festival together with her father and pleasantly surprised everyone.

It is worth mentioning that her father worked as a talented choreographer for the movie «Flag Day» and S. Penn directed it. Despite the fact Hazel didn’t have any role there, she, anyway, appeared with her father to show her unwavering support and dedication.

Much attention was paid to the girl herself, not her father. She has grown up and become the carbon copy of her legendary mother. Their striking resemblance let no one remain indifferent instantly becoming the topic of heated discussions. She appeared in a rather simple look consisting of a modest loose dress.

Her hair was tied in an ordinary ponytail too, but some kind of complication and elegance were hidden behind that simplicity.

It is worth adding that despite her big fortune and great success, Roberts remains among the most down-to-earth celebrities who prioritizes her children’s well-being taking a big part in their upbringing. It was reported that she doesn’t allow them to have social media and be shielded from the public eyes as much as possible.

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